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Everyone Should Have Junk Drawer In Their House

Everyone Should Have Junk Drawer In Their House

There’s a spot in my apartment where the term “miscellaneous” lives freely. There is no organization, no consistency in any way, shape, or form. It’s a place where chaos thrives - where random is encouraged and tidiness is nowhere to be found. It’s the wild west of the apartment and you can find all sorts of stuff inside of it.

It’s called the junk drawer, and it houses everything from cigarettes to pizza coupons; condoms (LOL), spare change, tape, scissors, receipts, and mail that you’ve deemed somewhere in between important and insignificant - all of that stuff resides here.

There’s probably a stapler that you never use, some stamps, a few paper clips, and maybe even a laser pointer. All of this shit is tossed into this drawer nonchalantly and left there to be picked up at an unspecified later date.

I was recently told that the junk drawer is “Midwest as fuck” which is the reason I’m writing this. I thought this was something that everyone had, but if you don’t I’m telling you now that you need to have one.

I pride myself on keeping a relatively tidy apartment. I love cleanliness - it’s why I take two showers a day and have drawers exclusively for sweaters and another one for sweatshirts. I like things to be kept in place and it’s because of this that I don’t often lose things.

All of my stuff has a designated area that never changes. If I need a spatula or some other cooking utensil, I know exactly which drawer in my kitchen to go for. If I need flour or olive oil there’s a cabinet for that, too.

Depending on who is visiting me and how much I like them, they’ll either get a red SOLO cup from above my refrigerator for their drink or their pick of glassware from a cabinet designated exclusively for glasses.

But when it comes to the stuff that I bring in from the wilderness sometimes I find myself at a loss for where to put it. And that is precisely where the junk drawer comes in.

Get home and see a new restaurant has placed a menu with coupons propped up next to your front door? Junk drawer. Find a dollar bill in your lint filled pants pocket? That’s going in the junk drawer, too. I recently found a half of a pack of perfectly good American Spirits on my way home from the bar. Those are also currently living in my junk drawer.

What I love about this drawer is it’s randomness. I’d bet there’s ten dollars in change in there right now that I’ll use at some point to buy some cheese fries from the drunk spot down the street from me.

You just don’t know what you’re going to find in there, but you can bet your ass that if you’re looking for a certain something and you have no idea where it could be, the first place to look is that junk drawer because nine times out of ten you’re going to find it in there.

It’s a spot for quick access, usually located in the kitchen but at the same time very far removed from your drawers for utensils like forks, knives, and other kitchen accessories.

I’ve heard that many people will organize their junk drawer, going so far as to put dividers up or arranging compartments so that they can easily find things. To that all I say “get the hell out of here.” The only person who organizes a fucking junk drawer is Martha Stewart.

The whole point of the junk drawer is chaos. Otherwise you would have put it in a different area of your house. Embrace the randomness of it. You’ve already conceded that you have no earthly idea where to put this thing, so when it gets placed in the junk drawer just know that you may have to do a little digging. Junk drawers are not meant to be organized or tamed. Let them run wild. You never know what you’re going to find in there.

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