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Ousted County Clerk In Michigan Suggested Using Fecal Eating Worms In Lieu Of Plumbing For A Public Building

Ousted County Clerk In Michigan Suggested Using Fecal Eating Worms In Lieu Of Plumbing For A Public Building

Strange stuff happening in Detroit right now. The now former Macomb County Clerk/Register of Deeds, a woman named Karen Spranger, is in the middle of a federal lawsuit after a judge determined that she lied about some paperwork that she filed when she was running for office in 2016. Now politicians getting indicted is nothing new for Detroit. My home state of Michigan lays claim to some of the most corrupt public officials of all time, but this Karen Spranger might just take the cake. She is one odd bird.

It was during this lawsuit yesterday that some really weird shit was brought to light regarding Spranger’s time in office. She was elected as a Republican, taking office with few qualifications other than being known as a citizen who would show up to government meetings “in tin foil accessories” to protest smart utility meters. Does this look like the face of a woman who would do that?

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All signs are pointing to yes. Karen Spranger looks like an extra from an episode of “Tales From The Crypt.”

But probably the most bizarre thing Spranger did while in office was suggest using fecal eating worms so that a government building could save on costs of plumbing.

The fecal eating worms were suggested by Spranger during remodeling of the Talmer Building in Mt. Clemens where some of her staff was being moved as part of a downtown campus renovation plan, according to testimony from Chief Deputy County Executive Mark Deldin.

Deldin testified that Spranger decided that there were not enough bathrooms, and she wanted more for the employees. He told her the plans were drawn many months ago and that was not going to happen.

"And did she evidence any comprehension that things weren't going to change just because she was demanding that change?" asked attorney Jennifer Lord, who is representing Spranger's former aides, Paul Kardasz and Erin Stahl, in the lawsuit.

"She was going to give me a business card, which I did not take, of someone that she knew that could come in and talk to me about providing toilets in rooms where she wanted them, and just a hole in the ground, and you place fecal eating worms inside of this hole. No plumbing, and that's how you get more bathrooms."

What in the fuck kind of suggestion is that? Can you imagine how bad that would smell? We’ve got government officials out here in 2018 suggesting that we take it back to medieval times. A hole in the floor with fecal eating worms. Give me a break, man. You’d need an army of thousands of worms to counteract what Jerry and Linda do to a toilet after Taco Tuesday in the breakroom.

Spranger was also rumored to dress up in disguise as the woman who held her position before her, but those rumors were never corroborated. I’d be willing to bet that rumor is true. The Detroit Free Press will never say this but I will - this woman is off her fucking rocker.

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