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Woman In England Goes Broke Attending Friends Weddings, Has To Move Back In With Parents

Woman In England Goes Broke Attending Friends Weddings, Has To Move Back In With Parents

I think the onslaught really starts to begin around the age of 28. As a 26 year old I’m just not quite there yet. I know deep down that the invitations are coming for me just as they do for most everyone with friends who aren’t complete degenerates, but I also know that the price of attending all of these weddings and bachelor parties - the flights, hotels, and everything else - is merely par for the course. It’s natural to assume that when you get invited to a wedding or a bachelor/bachelorette extravaganza, you’re going to spend some money.

My crew is comprised almost entirely of single men or guys in the infancy stages of relationships, so I can only speak for a few older friends and acquaintances that I know of who are in this wedding invitation sweet spot.

I’ve seen a handful of close friends get married in the past couple of years, but nothing like what Georgina Childs, a 30 year old woman in England has experienced. Gun to my head, I think between the ages of 28 and 32 are when people really start to see space on the front of their refrigerator diminish due to save the date magnets. Here’s what happened according to Business Insider (quotes in italics)-

She [Georgina] gave up her home after spending £9,250 ($12,885) on attending 14 weddings and 14 hen (bachelorette) parties over four years.

Childs says she resorted to credit cards to foot the bill for accommodation and transportation costs, and that she spent £1,500 on outfits and over £4,000 on hotels over the years.

Now I’m far from an expert on budgeting, and maybe with this question I’m about to ask I’m just admitting how naive I am when it comes to attending weddings/bachelor parties - but thirteen grand over the course of four years for a combined 28 events (14 weddings AND 14 bachelorette parties) doesn’t sound like that much money, does it? 14 weddings in four years is child’s play compared to horror stories I’ve heard from older friends of mine. If you nixed even half of the bachelorette parties and got it down to 7 I think you’d still be able to pay the rent and prevent yourself from having to move back in with mom and dad, no?

I have never had the pleasure of experiencing a bachelor party because none of my male friends are engaged yet, but I can’t imagine going anywhere for one and not spending at the very least a thousand bucks between airfare, hotels, food, drinks, and performance enhancers. I don’t know much about England, but I’ve got to imagine a bachelorette party there is pretty similar to a bachelorette party here in the states.

"Childs says she now dreads the arrival of a wedding invitation. While it's exciting and "an honor" to be invited to a ceremony or a hen do, she said, she finds it difficult to turn one down for fear of coming across as rude.

And the popularity of destination weddings and weekday ceremonies, which are often cheaper for the couple, makes the occasions more expensive, especially if an elaborate stag or hen do, like a weekend in Ibiza or Las Vegas, is part of the package.

"Some people say I should start turning down invites of once-removed-type friends, but it's not that easy to turn down a wedding invite," she said. "It's seen as a bit of a social faux pas."

I mean if you’re having to give up your apartment because you can’t stop going on trips with the gals and seeing fringe friends tie the knot maybe just take a step back and re-examine some things.

I don’t want to come across as crass, but maybe Georgina should think about finding a new line of work? Thirteen grand over four years is not that much money, and if she really did have to move back in with her parents and isn’t making this up to go viral on the internet then stop fucking going to the weddings. I don’t care how much of a social faux pas it is across the pond to deny a wedding invitation - just don’t go.

You want some dimestore psychoanalysis? I think Georgina Childs has been getting taken advantage of by her “friends” since she got to college. Georgina “The Pushover” Childs is what they used to call her. She’d loan you money for alcohol when you couldn’t afford to buy it yourself your senior year at school.

“Sure, I can write your essay for you, Suzy! Due in six hours? I’ve got a date with Kyle from Sigma Chi but I can cancel and get this done STAT!”

Georgina is the girl who can’t say no to anyone when it’s a favor, and it all just carried over to the wedding invitation phase of her life. Bills, any semblance of a normal social life- she threw it all away to be sat at one of back tables with the weird cousins and widows.  

Millennials are supposed to be all about themselves- never looking out for anyone but numero uno. Georgina needs to start embracing that mentality and focus on making her rent every month. Moving back in with your parents so you can continue to go to weddings and bachelorette parties just doesn’t seem like a fair trade.

You know the term “Constantly a bridesmaid but never a bride”? Well Georgina’s picture is next to that phrase in the cliche dictionary, and if the world doesn’t have a cliche dictionary they really need to make one.

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