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Remember When Bringing A Digital Camera Out With You Was The Norm?

Remember When Bringing A Digital Camera Out With You Was The Norm?

Let me take you for a trip down Memory Lane, back to a time in the not so distant past when things were no doubt a little bit easier for all of us.

If you’re of a certain age (I’m talking mid to late 20s here), you probably remember the year 2010 fondly. I was a freshman in college, attending all of my classes and taking diligent notes during the first few days week, then bonging Busch Lights and smoking Parliaments with my friends Thursday through Saturday.

I didn’t have a care in the world other than occasionally studying for a pesky Biology 140 course that insisted on quizzes every single week of the semester. I wore sweatpants to class most of the time, saving the good stuff for photo opportunities at house parties and inside dorm rooms.

I’m hoping that most of you reading this remember just how important a “going-out outfit” was during this period of time. This isn’t to say that having outfits ready to go for bars and parties isn’t important now, but from 2010-2012, it was doubly important because of Facebook. You didn’t want to be getting tagged in pictures with the same clothes on every weekend.

Facebook was still a popular website for people our age, a place not yet inundated by posts from bored housewives and political groups looking to gain ground.

In 2010, Facebook still belonged to the kids. Camera phones were not yet at a place where they were worthy of posting online.

I still had a flip phone, and was an absolute animal on t9 word. A few of the lucky ones had Blackberry’s and occasionally you’d see a picture pop up onto the feed with that luxurious phrase - “Uploaded to Facebook via Blackberry.”

Those were few and far between - pictures mostly came from girls you would meet out at said house parties. You’d friend them on Facebook a day or so after meeting them and then maybe you’d get tagged in some sweet pics from the weekend prior. You know the camera I’m talking about. Most looked like this -

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 2.11.37 PM.png

Try not to stare too long at that guys fingernails in the picture. Absolutely disgusting.

Now I won’t lie to you - I did a lot of Facebook stalking back in the day. The week after college spring break ended was like Christmas day for yours truly with all of the uploaded bikini albums. It was a wild time to be on Facebook.

It’s just funny when you think that all of those photos you got tagged in - the ones in Panama City or standing next to a keg on a porch for a tailgate at 10:00 a.m. - were taken with a fucking digital camera. That is wild. We had phones but we kept them in our pockets for the most part.

The digital camera was king, and every.single.girl. at  had one chilling in her purse. For a man in college, if you got tagged in 20 pictures on a Sunday afternoon you had a big weekend. Chances are you were talking to A LOT of girls. Or, you got really drunk on a Friday night and kept bugging some girl to take candid shots of you cradling a fifth of Admiral Nelson like a baby.

I look back on those days fondly. The Facebook album was king, the cell phone didn’t hold as much power as it does now, and getting tagged in photos from the weekend was a good way to fill in the areas that you couldn’t quite remember.

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