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The Objective On Monday Is Simple: Survive And Advance

The Objective On Monday Is Simple: Survive And Advance

I’m sitting at my desk right now enjoying a turkey and swiss on sourdough that I brought from home. I’ve had to sit in on one conference call to jot down notes with a serious look on my face and I’ve sent out approximately three emails since 8:00 a.m. this morning. Other than that I’ve done nothing other than look at memes and hop in a few group chats to complain about how I’m still hungover from last Saturday night. 

It’s a Monday afternoon and I’m a just your average ass cubicle jockey that is feeling relatively okay about the work day, all things considered. 

I don’t usually get that sick feeling in my stomach that people so often associate with Monday mornings. I’m fairly indifferent to Monday’s if I’m being totally honest. I don’t hate my current job but that isn't to say that I love it, either. 

I guess I’m just somewhere in between - I know that my job and the duties that go along with it are simply something I have to do to make money and live in a sprawling metropolis where I can do fun things with fun friends. It’s part of the deal. 

And that’s sort of where I’m at with Mondays. I don’t hate them and I don’t love them. They just exist and they’re a fact of life and I deal with that. 

For me and many others the work week doesn’t really begin until Tuesday morning. I mean that metaphorically of course - obviously I’m still required to be physically present on Monday, but I play a delicate game of cat and mouse all day long. 

I’m sure there are a ton of people reading this and claiming that they can’t relate - that Monday’s are busy as hell for them and there are no off days in whatever high powered industry they claim to be a player in. And that very well may be true, but it isn't for me and I refuse to believe that I'm in the minority here.

I don’t like to make blanket statements, however in this case I feel like this is something that generally speaking, most working people will agree with. Monday has never been and never will be a day where a lot of work gets done. 

It’s always going to suck to have to drag your ass out of bed and get into the office after a weekend, all I’m saying is that it will never be as bad as a Tuesday. 

First thing in the morning on Monday - whether I participated in a Sunday funday or not - I drink two or three cups of coffee and try my very best to fly below the radar. I don’t talk to anyone unless it’s absolutely necessary. You never get too high or too low. 

The first few hours of a Monday morning are nothing more than a filler of sorts. I’m biding my time until lunch in my office with the door closed, making sure that my Lync status is active while I catch up on news that I missed over the weekend and then before you know it the time on the clock reads 2, 3, 4 o'clock and it's time to pack up and get the hell home. 

Once you realize that Monday is just another day on the calendar you can begin to convince yourself that it isn't all that bad. You’re never going to leave your office on Monday evening unscathed - something will always come up that you have to deal with, but I just get the feeling that for most of us there isn’t a ton of pressure to perform. All you have to do is get through it. Survive and advance if you will.

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