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In Moderation, There Is Nothing Quite Like An Ice Cold Coca- Cola Classic

In Moderation, There Is Nothing Quite Like An Ice Cold Coca- Cola Classic

I spent my summers as a young boy in the suburbs of mid-Michigan. I roamed the mean streets of my semi-affluent neighborhood on my green Trek mountain bike. I played driveway basketball, dove headfirst with reckless abandon down makeshift slip and slides made from leftover tarp in my garage, and got into garden variety mischief with other kids from my neighborhood.

I ate bomb pops and constantly begged my babysitters to drive me to the mini putt course that was a town over from mine. Life was good, and my world during the summers of my youth was basically confined to the streets directly connected to my parents home.

Throughout this constant flurry of changing activities one thing and one thing only remained a constant and that was Coca-Cola classic. I was a fiend for Coca-Cola during my youth, much to the chagrin of my parents and the family dentist.

I was actually caught once on video camera at a party hosted by a family friend with a can of Coke in both of my hands, alternating between the two cans in the backyard because I thought that no one was watching me. That story gets told whenever I see those people and it still gets a lot of laughs.

I’m on record as an advocate against pop of any kind. It’s horrible for the teeth and even worse for the body, but as a child you’re not thinking about the negative health effects of Coca-Cola. It’s the closest thing a child has to booze, and it’s even better with a splash of grenadine. In my prime (around 9, 10, 11 years old) I could put down a glass of Coke in under two minutes, and I’d drink them until I was physically stopped by an elder.

Nothing compared to an ice cold Coke, be it out of a glass bottle, from the fountain, or in a can. The 2-liter was my least favorite vehicle for Coca-Cola, as it was incredibly difficult to keep the pop from going flat once you poured your first glass over ice.

As I got older and preferences changed Coca-Cola just sort of fell by the wayside. For a while in college I couldn’t touch the stuff because of an unfortunate evening involving Admiral Nelson spiced rum. Nowadays I’ll take an iced tea or chilled Perrier with my lunch rather than a Coke, but I was reminded of its inherent goodness yesterday, when a close friend of mine tweeted me this picture.

In moderation a Coca-Cola classic is simply fantastic. After a night of heavy drinking it’s more than fantastic, it is a revelation. The picture above should be hung in The Louvre next to the Mona Lisa. 

That right there is how you do it. Look at the small, round ice. That kind of ice is seldom seen (unless you frequent Sonic restaurants which are scarce here in the Midwest) and I can’t imagine the joy that overcame my friend as his Coke was brought to him.  It’s most definitely of the fountain variety, and I think we can all agree that outside of a chilled eight-ounce glass bottle, this is the ideal way to enjoy a coke. I don’t know why but out of a fountain it just tastes better than it does out of a can.  

I am not saying that we should all stop drinking water with meals and replace it entirely with Coca-Cola. But I am saying that on occasion, when the mood strikes you, a coke over ice (preferably the kind shown above) should be enjoyed without regret. It’s one hell of a beverage.

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